For All Foreign People

Those who wish to stay and work in Japan
Those who invite their spouse, children, relatives or friends to Japan
Those who marry a Japanese National
Those who desire to obtain a Permanent Residence
Those who launch a business in Japan

Japanese Visa System

Based on the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, in principle a foreign national wishing to enter Japan is required to have a valid passport issued by the government of their own country with a visa issued by the Government of Japan, excluding nationals with visa exemption agreement with Japan. The visa indicates that it is appropriate for the foreign national to enter and stay in Japan. Moreover, holding a visa is only one of the requirements for entering Japan and does not guarantee that the holder of the visa will be able to enter Japan. Visas are issued in the Japanese embassy or consulate in the foreign country. Visas cannot be obtained after arriving in Japan.

Our Services

Documentaion and Application by Proxy

Documentaion & Consulting Services

  • Invitaion Letter
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Naturalization
  • International Marriage
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Support for Investment in Japan
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Translation

Procedure Fee

Documentation with Application Services
Cerfificate of Eligibility JPY98,000~
Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previousy Granted JPY14,000~
Chage of Status of Residence JPY60,000~
Permission for Extending Period of Stay JPY24,000~
Acquisition Status of Residence JPY30,000~
Permission for Permanent Residence JPY100,000~
Re-entry Permission JPY14,000~
Certificate of Authorized Employment JPY9,800~
  • In case of Documentation only, some discount will be applied.
  • Group discount is 50% off from the second applicant under the condition that the applying immigration beurau is same as the first applicant's one.
Documentation   Consulting Services
Invitation Letter JPY1,000~
Letter of Guarantee JPY1,000~
Application for Naturalization JPY128,000~
Support for Administrative Procedures JPY5,000~
Support for Launching Business JPY30,000~
Marketing Consulting JPY20,000~
Oral Translation JPY2,800/h~
Translation of documents JPY2,800~
Notification for Change of Status, Home Address, Company, Name,etc. JPY5,000~
  • Group or Volume discount will be applied depending on the conditions, please feel free to contact us for the details.